One-Stop OEM/ODM Solution for Waterproof Bags & Waterproof Backpack.


We do OEM for the global more than 60 companies, including supermarket walmart in the United States, Japan's Disneyland, etc., we according to a draft plans to produce them or by knowing their thoughts and ideas to provide design, We formalizes their ideas and validate their projects.our product is suitable for multiple scenarios, such as the beach, swimming pool, wading, Surfing, sea fishing, hot spring, camping, etc., our goal is to provide high quality products so that everyone can enjoy the outdoor life easily.

Italian Brand Chain Store Ultra-custom Outdoor Cycling Bag
After More Than a Month, from the First Meeting at the Exhibition to the Customer's Visit to Our Factory, Third-party Review of Factory Qualifications, Sample Proofing, and Final Mass Production, Zonesport Has Complete Facilities and Equipment, Industry-leading Technology, and the Most Complete Product Testing. the Report and Various Certification Qualifications, Coupled with the Close Cooperation Between the Sales Team and the Design Team, Gave the Customer a Satisfactory Answer and Won the Customer's Trust.With Years of Experience in the Production and Design of Waterproof Bags, Zonesport Responds Quickly and Quickly Presents Customers' Ideas to Perfect Products. According to the Customer’s Market and the Characteristics of the End Consumer, Continuously Improve the Product and Give the Customer Corresponding Advice. the Final Customer’s Product is Sold in the Local Market.
Customized Waterproof Luggage Bags for Offline Outdoor Clubs in Japan
Japanese customers found us on google and conducted in-depth browsing and understanding of our official website. After communicating with our sales team via email, they sent us samples of the product they wanted to make, and the r&d team conducted research based on the characteristics of the product. Re-draw drawings and mold design, and find special materials and accessories according to customer requirements, and finally confirm mass production after two samples. Customers report that our products are friendly to outdoor enthusiasts and are designed to be very portable. Let everyone enjoy a relaxing outdoor life is our Zonesport pursuit.