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what is How to choose a soft cooler bag?? | Zone

June 24, 2022
what is How to choose a soft cooler bag?? | Zone

The principle of the cooler bag is actually physical insulation, and not through external assistance to make it cool, the cooler bag only insulation function no refrigeration function. 

There are two common soft cooler bags on the market now, one is the use of sewing process of cooler bags, one is the use of high-frequency voltage process of coole bags, 

both in the material and insulation length there is a big difference, the former is mostly used Oxford cloth and nylon cloth, the latter more TPU sandwich mesh coated with laminated cloth, 

and in the internal insulation compartment, insulation cotton, whether it is sealed zipper and other material choices are determined by the length of insulation The length of insulation.

One of the advantages of the cooler bag is that it is much lighter in weight and easier to carry than the cooler bucket. Another advantage is that it can be folded and stored 

when not in use does not take up space. Camping, if you have an ice bucket in addition to a cooler bag, you can supplement the purchase of ingredients or beverages when

 it comes to use quite convenient. Whether it is a sports event or picnic, or even daily shopping is ideal for the use of easy to carry cooler bags.

Today we will mainly introduce the sewing process of the cooler bag.

Sewing process of the cooler bag, foldable and easy to carry (also known as soft cooler bag), not only in camping, fishing and other outdoor activities can be useful, 

but also in the daily shopping, save the cake or lunchbox and picnic use, can be said to be versatile. And many mass merchant stores such as ikea, Bao Ya or Carrefour

can see its figure, well-known brands such as Coleman, snow peak, etc. have launched a variety of styles, materials from aluminum foil to waterproof cloth are all available,

size, function and use are also different, in the end how to choose a suitable sewing process to keep cold bags?

The purchase of cooler bags, the following is to introduce the most important selection of cooler bags "3 key"

1. Internal insulation material

The most critical insulation material characteristics that affect the cooling power, the most commonly used insulation materials for cooler bags are mainly three, 

and after understanding their respective characteristics in advance, they can be used as the benchmark for purchasing products.

Aluminum foil: It can reflect the radiation heat to achieve good insulation effect.

The biggest feature of aluminum foil is that it can reflect about 94-96% of the radiation heat (radiated heat), and most of the cooler bags made of this material

are made of aluminum foil vaporized on the surface, which can block the radiation heat from the sun or the outside to maintain the internal cooling capacity. 

Most of the goods of this type of material are lightweight and portable, quite suitable for portable picnic use. In addition, its price is relatively low and good to get.

Polyurethane (PU): High cooling power at a reasonable price

Polyurethane (polyurethane foam, PU foam) is a heat-insulating material that is rich in versatility. Its internal foaming agent forms numerous independent, 

tiny bubbles with low heat transfer rate, so it has a very high cooling power; at the same time, the price is not so expensive, so it can be said that it is a 

good insulation material with good cost performance.

Polyethylene: affordable, durable and economical

Polyethylene material is durable and inexpensive, so its foam made of polyethylene foam (PE foam) can be used as a thermal insulation material. The advantage

 is that it is much cheaper than other material products, so even if it gets dirty and damaged, it is not painful.

2. Select the capacity with the use

It is recommended to choose the appropriate capacity according to your own use.

Daily shopping: choose a capacity of about 15L

If it is to be used for normal shopping, choose a capacity of 15L about the same size as the general supermarket plastic bags. If it is a carry bag style appearance, 

and the general shopping bag appearance is similar, the use will not feel awkward.

One-day camping or barbecue and other outdoor activities: choose a capacity of 25L

For barbecue and other activities, it is recommended to choose a size of about 25L, because the ingredients for one person need about 3 to 5L capacity, if the family of 3 to 4 people 

use such a size that is quite enough. Even if you choose a basket-type cooler bag, which can stand on its own while having a considerable degree of stability to use more convenient, 

plus this kind of cooler bags are equipped with a strong handle relatively easy to carry.

Camping support: choose a size of about 20-30L

If you are considering bringing an extra cooler bag in addition to a cooler bucket when camping, you can choose a product with a capacity of about 20L to 30L, which is large enough 

for use when you need to buy additional ingredients or drinks in the area. It can even be useful for camping sites that are far away, or for buying local products.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the larger the cooler bag, the more likely to have instability or non-durable situation, when buying a larger size cooler bag, it is recommended 

to select the style with wheels.

3. Select the style according to the purpose of use

Cooler bag style can be broadly divided into box type, bag type, backpack type 3, according to the purpose and suitable for the items contained in the different, can be selected according to the purpose.

Camping or fishing and other outdoor activities: choose box or backpack style

When camping or fishing, it is relatively suitable to use the box or backpack style. Its internal length and width are sufficient to put fresh food such as fish and meat flat, without the need to

 accommodate the space inside the bag and put it vertically, resulting in blood and water out. And backpack style can be moved behind the back, empty two hands quite convenient.

Daily shopping: choose the bag style that is not abrupt even if you take it to the street

If you want to use it in normal shopping and other occasions, you can choose the bag style that can not be recognized as a cooler bag by looking at its appearance alone. This type does not

 stand out in the hands of shopping, but also can be used as an environmentally friendly bag.

If you pay attention to the cooling effect, it is recommended to choose space-adjustable cooler bags.

In addition to insulation material, the remaining space in the cooler bag will also affect its cooling power, when the smaller the unused space in the cooler bag, the more it can concentrate the 

cold air and thus improve the cooling effect. If you pay attention to the cooling power, it is recommended to choose products that can adjust the size of the space with the items placed.

Don't forget to check the small details that can greatly affect the feeling of use

There are several features that can greatly optimize the feeling of using the cooler bag, it may be worthwhile to confirm its availability before buying in order to select the most suitable products.

Small opening to avoid cold air flow

Some products have a small opening in the top lid, which is not only quick and easy to get things, but also can reduce the chance of cold air escaping. Especially in the heat of the summer, 

the cold air in the bag is easily affected by the external temperature, if the use of more occasions than in the summer, it may be worthwhile to check whether the bag has such treatment when shopping.


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A: We Have About 150 Working Staffs and 80 Office Staffs with a Completed Department Structure from R&d to Sales to Engineers.


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