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You’re in the right place for waterproof phone bag.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on Zone.we guarantee that it’s here on Zone.
The product has the desired stretchability. It has passed the stretch test that requires the product to be stretched with normal force to check its elasticity. .
We aim to provide the highest quality waterproof phone bag.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • USA Amazon most popular, Eco-friendly high quality Soft TPU  mobile phone waterproof bag
    USA Amazon most popular, Eco-friendly high quality Soft TPU mobile phone waterproof bag
    Driven by business needs, we have been constantly optimizing and upgrading our technologies including. These technologies contribute to our high-efficiency manufacturing process.In the application field(s) of Mobile Phone Bags & Cases.the USA Amazon most popular, Eco-friendly high quality Soft TPU case swimming mobile phone waterproof bag proves to be very useful.  
  • Manufacturer of special waterproof phone bag for swimming
    Manufacturer of special waterproof phone bag for swimming
    1.Patented side button without border design:Innovative design on the side of the waterproof phone case allows users to access the side buttons of the phone easily. Crystal Clear Window on both sides, perfect for taking pictures, videos underwater. 2.Ipx8 waterproof phone case - up to 100 feet/30 meters waterproof submerged depth, perfectly protect your phone when you dive and take pictures in shallow or deep waters(only available for volume controls to take images). Just make sure you have sealed the waterproof dry bag for the phone tightly before underwater operations 3.Comfortable & easy to take out - 0.6 inches wider and durable lanyard with detachable clip, adjustable vertical height up to 7 inches when hung on the neck will offer you a pleasant wear experience. The inner side was close to the back of your smartphone 4.High touch sensitivity - the feature of low-temperature resistance, all the operations to the phone waterproof bag would be more functional and more convenient than a general waterproof cell phone pouch when especially in cold weather. (Note: 1. The fingerprint recognition function was invalid. 2. Touch screen will be unavailable when suffering hydraulic pressure. Please preset your phone at video modes and click start before underwater and taking images by volume buttons) 5.Softer, sturdy, and safer - this watertight bag was made of soft and reliable high-quality tpu material, excellent softness and distinctive durable, scratch-resistant, anti-seawater immersion, wide working temperature range from 5°f to 122°f, so there were no sharp edges in terrible cold winter or leak in hot summer 
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